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Some recent samples of our work are below. Files are optimized for dsl/cable connections. Download and play for best results.

Benji Rogers of Marwood and I got together for a few hours to shoot a video for his song "One Mile Down the Road."  Using the footage shot at 24p, we were able to get, Carl created this video.

Check out Marwood at his website.


"One Mile Down the Road"

The McWilliams brothers of On a Sun perform their song Unraveling.  Shot on Super 16mm, Carl Whitney directed, shot, produced and edited the following piece.

Much thanks goes to those involved in the project.

On a Sun


Cathy Stepp for Senate:30
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"Liebham" :30
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Cathy Stepp/ Joe Leibham - Republican Party - Agency
In a rebuttal to the opposition party, I was called the morning these two commercials needed to be produced and asked to find a location, create the scene and edit it for distribution the next day.The party was satisfied with the results.

Professional - Thorough – Creative Everytime!

Tammy Baldwin, "Badger" :30
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Tammy Baldwin, "Rosie" :30
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Tammy Baldwin Spots
These spots were shot on location chosen by the agency.
I set Ms. Baldwin in front of a green screen that was needed to create the effect that was going on behind her.
Because we were on location, I chose to put the green screen in a garage to give it the necessary lighting. With the garage door open, Ms. Baldwin was placed in the opening of the garage to allow depth and flexibility for lighting.

We were all very pleased with the outcome of this spot.

The “Badger” spot for Ms. Baldwin was also shot on location. This effect was produced with different focal lengths and edited to match the script.

This piece worked great.
Tammy Baldwin/ Mac Williams, Cosgrove, Smith Robinson - Agency

"Flagg Projects Short Reel" 1:56
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Sheepshead" 1:34
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This video was shown at the CEO Summit in July for Yahoo! Inc.
This was part of a package that showed the different uses Yahoo! Inc. is offering.
The entire video is 10 minutes in length and shot on BetaSP.
The director wanted the camera animated and part of the scenes.

Beyond Pix – Agency

"The Model Woman" - Black & White (Partial nudity)
This 30 minute short was filmed in two weekends. Shot on an Arri SR2 using Fuji Black and white stock this film borders on sci-fi romantic for the plot.
This film was well received by viewers for the composition of the piece and plot.
Director Dan Wilson
Director of Photography Carl F. Whitney
Produced by Speakeasy Films

"The Model Woman"
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"Packer Proshop" :30
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This piece was shot using my Sony D-600 BetaSP Camera.The agency picked the locations and my company was asked to provide the video equipment to capture the scenes.
*Note that the opening sequence was shot from the back of a pick up truck. This was done hand held using Gyro-Stabilizers to make the shot smoothly.
The Karma Group / Creative

"A Crack in the Wall" 2:34
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“A Crack in the Wall”
This film was shot in 2 weeks using an Arri SR 2 and 27 rolls of film. With a very low independent budget, we were able to keep the film to a three to one ratio. The clips shown give an idea of the film while discovering the use of different angles to help with the movie’s movement.

Writer Roger Burns with the best compliment about the film was it was exactly how he envisioned the finished piece.

Carl F. Whitney – Director/Director of Photography
Produced by Speakeasy Films

This opening was created by introducing compression to an hour long video.  The music, composed by Ralph Bruner was edited to 1:30 from 2:30 seconds.

"Jokes Intro"
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"Jokes Outro"
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Music by

Ralph Bruner

This video is

the same... yet different.

Take a look.


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