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Carl Whitney of Flagg Projects was

asked to support the independent

feature Guardians.

Flagg Projects' camera support,

lighting, grip and

450 amp generator was

used in the production of this


Under scripting and direction

of Drew Maxwell

and the cinematography


Lance Catania,

Carl was used to aid in

design of the lighting for

this horror genre feature.

Set in a small town and school,

the various locations helped

to bring the script character of

a town being taken over

by spirits.

The cast is lead by Alex

are sent to destroy

the spirits and the

leader, Dr. Strand.

Long days proved a success

for the film makers.




School room interiors.

School exterior lighting into the room.

Shooting night scenes.  Above and below

1/4 mile stretch of road illuminated for driving scene.

3-4k, 3-2.5k and 2-1.2k HMIs used with Flagg Projects 450 amp generator.

Cast hanging around at 3 a.m.

Ben Budde ready to be hit by truck.

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